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MiraMap – What is it and how to use it


MiraMap is an interactive map for providing web-based access to sub-surface data in a fast, easily navigable format – ZOOM to SF Bay map above. The data can be point data such as a well or borehole, line data such as a pipeline route or right of way or an areal survey, such as 3-D seismic or minerals information, located by colored dots on the map – colored circles indicate aggregated dots when not zoomed in. Data are offered on a non-exclusive licensing basis, see our user agreement. The data are accessed by clicking on a marker on the online map, using the “open hand” pointer hover over a colored dot until it becomes a “pointing index finger” to select the data location. Then click the “pointing index finger” and the map will give you some summary information including data type, age, depth of coverage and cost. If you wish to license a copy of the data, you can switch to the shopping cart and select data for delivery either by downloading or other digital delivery method.


CPT data from Minneapolis Highway construction

Data utility:

During the course of reviewing projects, writing reports and bidding for jobs we’ve come across data which can only be retrieved only going to an agency and physically copying paper records or is stored in obscure, difficult to access locations. The MiraMap offers such data online in a coherent reference system – i.e. converted to WGS84 coordinates. We offer the option to DIGITIZE paper-only data to a digital format to allow loading into mapping packages or project databases.   MiraMap also offers data owners a way to recover the cost of acquiring data, either by licensing to end users or sharing costs for regional projects. We encourage MiraMap users seeking data to contact Svitzer Surveys about data they need and data owners to list data on MiraMap thus allowing others to license existing surveys. Contact Svitzer by email at or by calling us at (713) 526-6831.



Data Availability

Our challenge is to prioritize the loading of data onto MiraMap according to the needs of our users. To streamline this process we locate data on our map and show the status of the files in our data descriptor thus:

  • onLine data – these records have been scanned or digitized and are live online on our servers for instant download, this includes sample data from USGS and IODP plus other location studies that we have had requested. Licensing these files is immediate once the agreement has been accepted and, where required, payment has been made
  • onDemand data – these records have been acquired, typically along with other borehole data and are in-house, but not scanned and loaded onto the servers. This may include paper records or other studies that are in a data-set but were not originally required by the original requestor or logs which are not yet available in digital format. Delivery of these files is offered usually within 72 hours of the license agreement being accepted for individual files or longer in the case of large data volumes. Payment is made upon delivery of the data
  • onRequest data – these records have been located and identified, but not scanned and loaded onto our servers. This may include data which have to go through an approval process for release, such as proprietary offshore data owned by a private entity and covered by confidentiality agreements. Delivery of these files is offered upon acceptance by the data owner and this process can result in delays of days or weeks, depending on the situation. We make every attempt to provide a fast, convenient offering of data and are bound by the requirements of data owners.

If you have any concerns about these listings please contact our website staff.

These hypertext links can zoom to specific locations:

Southeastern USA: Southeastern USA

Minnesota:  Central Minnesota

Cook Inlet: Anchorage and Kenai

Memphis area:   Memphis Area – New Madrid zone

San Francisco:  San Francisco and Oakland

Los Angeles:  Los Angeles & Offshore

Lower Atlantic: SC-GA-FL East Coast

Freeport & offshore:   Texas Coastal Bend

Or hypertext links of data for specific purposes

Pipline RoW investigation  West Memphis Pipeline

Sinkholes  Hwy US69A Quapaw, OK

Shoreline stability  Kenai Shoreline

Structural integrity  Hanford Nuclear Waste Facility

Accessing the MiraMap system:

MiraMap is an open system, available to anyone connected to the internet and using a web-browser. A Chrome or Firefox browser is recommended for the most feature-filled access with tablet or graphic cellphone, such as iPhone or Android devices offering a convenient plat for use in-field or remote situations. Pricing for licensing data is determined by the owners or in the case of non-exclusive data Svitzer bases the price of data on cost of loading and/or conversion. We offer discounts to supporters of the system who pay a monthly subscription fee and in return get data at discount prices and priority for loading data requests and digitizing logs.


Subscribers pay a monthly fee for access to the MiraMap service and receive the following:

a) Access to search the database,

b) Download online data at discounted pricing

c) Offer data for sale or trade

Data owners:

Non-subscribers pay a one-time fee for listing data which covers:

a) Offering existing data for sale or trade to recover sunk costs

b) Data digitizing, loading and transaction management

c) Using Svitzer licensing and digitizing of paper logs for support

Casual users:

Infrequent users pay only for access to the MiraMap download service.  They can freely access to the database online to search and download data at published pricing.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about the utility of the MiraMap system. We offer demonstration datasets of onshore seismic CPT data from the USGS Shallow Earthquake program in the USA and offshore data worldwide from the IODP ocean drilling program plus non-exclusive data selected by Svitzer from our non-exclusive Regional Geohazard Report program. These data are live and available for download immediately.