Svitzer offers regional Geohazard reports for the USA and Canada

geotechSvitzer Surveys flags geological risk of projects, this spill oil entered waterways

Geohazard reports evaluate geology by asking “Is the area geologically sound and could it cause trouble in the future?”

Svitzer Surveys offers geohazard reports for facility owners and developers. These desktop study reports consist of public studies, geologically significant analogs and regional data on geology and geotechnical risk issues. There are large volumes of data available and our reports high-grade the relevant issues and recommend mitigating action based on our review.

In order for facilities owners to get risk evaluations for existing or future projects we offer reports from our library to developers who are new to an area or new to geohazard risk analysis. We update reports with facility-specific data – reprocess seismic, digitize CPT data, put borehole data into profiles, add aerial imagery, etc. so that it may be quickly presented and analyzed. Our reports are licensed to the purchasers on a non-exclusive basis, just like software. Svitzer Surveys stores the data in digital format and distributes the digitized data on a non-exclusive basis.

Thus companies can establish risk parameters for existing projects, new developers can acquire data faster and less expensively because data are made available in a user-friendly, digital format. Reports for the following areas are either underway or complete:

Upper Mississippi Valley – Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN area zoom to MiraMap
Lower Mississippi Valley
– Memphis, TN to Natchez, MS including Central Arkansas zoom to MiraMap
Southeast Texas and Gulf Coast – Beaumont to Houston zoom to MiraMap
Northwest British Columbia and Southeast Alaska – Kitimat, BC to Juneau zoom to MiraMap

Seek more online information on Geohazards?

Follow this link and see what an expert says: Engineering Geologist Dr. Dave Roger’s webpage

To discuss how Svitzer geohazard reports can help your project or review near surface data you need for upcoming work please call Alan Foley in Houston at (713) 526-6831.